What’s the solution to the following problem?

A standardized reading test has been given to every 4th grader in Florida. They’ve been preparing all year. Pre-exam pep rallies are held. Teachers anxiously await the results only to find……27% actually pass it. Do you:

A) Give out lollipops to 73% of 4th graders, begin summer school

B) Fire a lot of teachers, blame them for the low scores

C) Lower the passing grade so the pass rate magically becomes 81%

If you answered choice C, you’re correct! Or, you’re the Florida Department of Education who hired Pearson to create the FCAT (that’s Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test for those of you who are nostalgic about what it’s like to be 10 years old.)

Oswestry Infant School, Middleton Road, Oswestry

Price tag: $250 million through 2013. I wonder if there’s a refund? $250 million can buy a lot of lollipops….

Source: http://www.foxbusiness.com/government/2012/05/31/in-testing-frenzy-who-scores-high/