Here’s a well-written opinion piece that’s up on Politico today.

For those of you who don’t know, for-profit colleges get most of their money from us, the taxpayers. They do this by going after low-income people who qualify for government assistance. Salespeople for their companies receive commissions for selling their product and then turning them over to “specialists” who help them get their government money, which goes directly to the college.

$40 Billion. This is what this scam is worth every year. Now there’s nothing wrong with a school that teaches trade skills to people who have no interest in going to college. However going after the more vulnerable people in society with the promise of free-government money.

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And the outcomes are not good. Research shows that once these students are signed up and the government money comes in, they do not receive the support they need to finish their education, resulting in high dropout rates.

For a list of for-profit institutions click here.