I am starting this blog because I am concerned.

As a teacher of 8 years on Long Island, I have seen a transformation take place. Our schools used to have many friends; organizations, politicians and a public who knew that at the heart of a free society is a robust system of public education.

That is no longer the case.


Politicians and public figures have coalesced around high-stakes testing, weaker teacher unions, shoddy evaluation systems and one-size-fits-all curriculum. Anyone who protests these ideas risks being cast as greedy and corrupt. Dissent has been squashed and there are but a few heroes who speak publicly in defense of our schools.

Any time there are ills in society you can be sure of one thing: there is a salesman in the halls of power who would like to sell the cure.

Pearson Education is part of an international conglomerate that has taken control of the testing, reading and teaching in the classroom. They are training your school officials. They are paying professional educators to sell their products. They are not just taking over small classrooms, but entire state departments of education.

They are getting the contracts. They are getting the money. What are our children getting?

This blog intends to find out, with your help.

Testing Pearson will be less of an editorial and more of an aggregation of news stories and personal anecdotes from around the country. This is not meant to be an indictment of Pearson Education, but rather a conversation about the role of a large corporation in our classrooms.

If you have anything you would like to be shared, please feel free to send it to testingpearsonblog@gmail.com